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Lesson 457 – Good Egg Interview with Jonathan Fields

The first time I heard anything about Jonathan Fields was when he gave a TED Talk on how to turn fear from a source of anxiety and paralysis into fuel for action and achievement. It got my attention. With nuanced humor, he tends to kick you in the butt and make you take notice of what is going on in your life.

I mean, here’s a guy who followed his heart’s direction under what some might believe, were the worst of circumstances (9/11). It might not have worked out. But it did. Laid back, honest and with a head that’s screwed on tight, in the talk Jonathan leads you through the lessons he’s learned while trying to live a productive and meaningful life. That TED talk is a 20 minute reminder of what is really important – a gentle and yet powerful wake up call.

In the talk, Jonathan mentions Steve Job’s quote – “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” And that’s it right there. How many of us, Jonathan asks, are paralyzed by fear, afraid to even try? How many of us are not doing what it is we were meant to do simply because we think we can’t?

And following your heart is what Jonathan is all about, that and teaching others. His blog has a wealth of information on social media, running a business, and things you might encounter as you journey on the path you were meant to take.

In short, Jonathan is a stand-up kind of guy, someone you want your kids to know. Someone you want yourself to know.

Over the years, I’ve exchanged a few emails with Jonathan (he’s had some amazing and insightful posts) and when I found out that he was going to have another book published (Uncertainty – Turning Feat and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance) I thought that maybe, just maybe, he would do a Good-Egg interview with me so that I could name one of our babies from this past Spring “Jonathan-Fields.”

Here’s the thing about requests like that, if they are never asked, they will never happen. But if they are asked, well then there’s a chance isn’t there? Continue reading


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Lesson 425 – “Everybody Sees the Ants” by A.S. King and brain trauma

One of our literary-chicks (Good Egg Interview) authors; A.S. King has come out with a new book. I picked it up and took a look at it this weekend.


I completely blame Young Adult author A.S. King (Amy) for my getting SMASHED in the face with a soccer ball not once, but twice, this past weekend.

I picked up her most recent book Everybody Sees the Ants Friday afternoon at our independent book store (Toadstool in Milford – can I hear an Amen?)

Saturday was a wash at our house – between soccer games, yard sales, gymnastics, and a haunted corn maze (so much fun) there wasn’t much time leftover for reading – that usually has to wait until my Sunday morning coffee.

So Sunday morning rolls around and I grab Everybody Sees the Ants – interesting cover. Yup, there’s an ant in the kid’s eye. Amy’s a great writer, I knew that this was going to be a good read so I settled down and started reading while the kids were still asleep.

A tiny disclaimer here – I’m not, for the most part, a Young Adult reader, oh sure, I’ve read some outstanding Young Adult stories (Harry Potter, Matched, Please Ignore Vera Dietz) but the genre seems to have been co-opted by Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies these days. And if there is one thing I’ve had enough of, it’s those damn sparkly vampires.


One by one, my kids woke up.

“Mom, do you know where….”

“Shhh, I’m reading.”

Logan had to get new soccer shoes to wear at a game he was reffing later that day.

I brought the book with me. There might be time in the parking lot to read a few pages while he unbuckled himself to get out of the car.

Marc took the girls to their soccer game, Trevor went hiking with a friend, and I sat reading until it was time to take Logan to his soccer game.

“What’s for lunch, mom?”

“Fix it yourself, I’m reading.” Continue reading


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Lesson 291 – Sing You Home – Look what Good Egg Jodi-Picoult’s namesake has done

Well we just have to crow over here!

Jodi-Picoult and Sing You Home

Our Good Egg Interview Jodi-Picoult chicken’s namesake – Jodi Picoult – (and fellow Granite Stater) has just released her latest literary masterpiece – Sing You Home. (and for those of you who doubt that any of Jodi’s books are masterpieces – go ahead and read one, any one – you’ll be convinced.)

In Sing You Home Jodi once again does what she is so good at. She takes a current issue that you think may be straight forward and turns it on its head. The story line is a compelling grab-it-by-the-throat look at what constitutes a parent and family. Her characters live, breath, and bleed from deep cuts as they wind themselves throughout the story.

Sing You Home revolves around a music therapist which makes music and rhythm an integral part of the story. So how does a writer integrate music into the text (other than the trite attempt of some authors to include stanza after stanza of lyrics – which if we’re going to be honest here I always skip)?

The answer is by supplying the music with the book.

Included with this novel is a CD of music intended to create the tone for each chapter (there are indications in the book for when to play each song.). It contains original music by Ellen Wilber with lyrics by Jodi. How cool is that? Jodi envisioned a soundtrack when writing and was able to create it as part of the story.

I will forever bow down to anyone who pushes the literary creativity envelope like this. Continue reading


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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 140 – Good Egg Interview with Joan Bauer

Always on the prowl for good Young Adult writers (mother of 6 remember?) I was perusing the shelves of our local independent book store and came across a staff recommendation for Peeled by Joan Bauer. I had already read and loved Hope Was Here and Stand Tall so I purchased the book, took it home and also loved it.

Joan has a way of capturing kids, real kids, you know the kind that sort of optimistically stumble all over the place making mistakes while they figure out how to grow up? That’s one of Joan’s specialties. Even though she’s an adult she still remembers.

There are a lot of Young-Adult writers out there these days, some are good – some not so good. Joan is a great one.

In Hope was Here – a teenaged waitress named Hope fights against small town political corruption to give us what we need as readers and humans – HOPE. In Stand Tall – the tallest ever teenager tries to handle his parent’s divorce realizing that great mass does not equal strength. In Peeled Hildy Biddle wants to prove to herself and others that she is a real journalist (even if its on the High School newspaper). She pushes for truth, she doesn’t fall for rumor or unsubstantiated statements. She is what we should all be, a critical and yet compassionate thinker.

And she wants to be a journalist.

I think I want to adopt Hildy. Continue reading

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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 100! – Lessons learned from a feathery flock

Today is my hundredth chicken post. Such a celebration. Who would have known when I made the executive decision to get these birds that they would add so much to our lives and teach us such wonderful and valuable life lessons? These gentle creatures, completely dependent on us for food and protection have in return taught us much about how this life of ours works.

From the smallest of places can come the greatest of strength.
When little Simon got covered in chicken poop (from hiding under the wings of the bigger birds) I thought she was a goner. The nights were getting colder and without fully fluffed feathers, she was going to freeze to death. Some Dawn detergent and my son’s insistance that she would be okay if we took care of her made all the difference. Gently bathed and coddled in a baby sling, Simon showed us that even the tiniest guys deserve a chance. Continue reading


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Authors kids can’t get enough of – Good Egg Chicken naming project update

Do you remember that talk I gave to the Upper Elementary school about our chickens?

At the end I told them about our author naming project and how we had already named some of our chickens based on returned interviews like:

Before I could even finish the list of who we had a hand went up. Continue reading


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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 95 – Good Egg Interview with Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is a talented writer who has a great flare for humor, together it is a combination that makes her unstoppable in the literary world. She is the absolute personification of well written “chick”-lit.

As the mother of two daughters, trust me. Meg’s books pepper just about every room of our house, from the glittery covered Princess Diaries (which had my youngest daughter, Emma asking me for months if there was just the slightest chance that maybe her Dad was really someone else who just happened to be a King somewhere, anywhere? Please? – sorry honey, we are what we are), to the rules of Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls– about a spunky nine year old who tries to impose order on her life by using rules,- and which is a must read series for anyone in Upper Elementary or Middle School, to the new Insatiable (for us adult readers who like to be grabbed by a book’s first few pages) described by Meg as “a vampire dramedy – meaning that it’s a comedy but also a drama (and a romance).”

If you are female, heck if you’re human then you know about Meg’s writing and the movies based on her books. Somehow (probably due to her enormous writing talent) she captures perfectly the initial insecurities of girls as they stumble on their path to achieving inner strength. Her characters laugh, cry, trip on their own feet, and they also succeed. Big time. Continue reading


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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 89 – Good Egg Interview with Janet Evanovich

Who doesn’t love Janet Evanovich?

Not only does she live in New Hampshire (a big plus in my book) and have a terrific sense of humor that absolutely shines in her writing, but she is one of the most beloved, prolific, and consistently excellent writers around.

And, and, and she has written a detective novel where one of the central characters is a dancing chicken. The book is aptly called “Foul Play”. Seriously who could not love someone who writes about chickens? Continue reading


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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 88 – Good Egg Interview with Laurie Halse Anderson

I never talked baby talk to my kids.

I figured that even though they were small they were still capable of intelligent conversation.

When they were young, I skipped the cloyingly sweet “The cow says Moo, can you say Moo?” books and instead read to my toddlers stories of Peter Pan, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, and the Wizard of Oz.

When they became independent readers, I steered them away from the babysitting, kid detective, and girl clique series that are so prevalent in young adult literature and instead put books from authors like Laurie Halse Anderson into their open little hands and minds. Continue reading

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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 80 – Good Egg Interview with Judy Blume

There are very few writers about whom one can say their thoughts; their words have made such an impact that the world is forever changed just because they came through.

You can say that about Judy Blume.

Is there anyone among us who has not read a Judy Blume book? We wondered how she could have known us so well when we read Are you There God? It’s me Margaret. When friends’ parents got divorced, It’s not the End of the World was passed around and when we were older, we sneaked furtive looks at Forever, the book that had a teen girl actually having sex. Before she was married. Because she thought she was in love. Imagine. Continue reading


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