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Lesson 1178 – An early Christmas present

Christmas is three days away.


How on earth did this happen? I was so good about planning and organizing and preparing, and yet…

I only have 3 days left to wrap and deliver gifts for friends and neighbors (some packages will, no doubt, arrive after the holidays, sorry), bake all the foods I need, get the house ready, and


Ah well, I suppose it’s all part of the holiday – making us look so forward to that delicious day *after* Christmas when we can finally exhale while curling up in a chair with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Our flock has (finally) decided to present us with eggs. After *months* of no eggs (I still think that somewhere in our woods is a nest with about a thousand eggs in it), we are starting to find some eggs in our coop (which is strange because this is not the time of year for consistent or increased egg laying.)


Just in time for our annual Christmas pound-cake-a-thon. Continue reading


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