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Lesson 404 – A count of the birds

Just as it is with children, when you have a slew of chickens sometimes it’s tough to keep track of them.

Oh the distinctive ones are easy enough to keep straight, Simon with her black polka dots, Morganne with her demure beard, and Spencer with his enormous 6 foot 4 inch height. But it’s the ones we purchased in batches, more specifically, the feed store bunch who are the most difficult to tell apart.

One might even be inclined to say that when you’ve seen a Golden Comet, you’ve seen them all. But while they may look very similar, as any chicken owner out there will tell you, each bird is uniquely different.

And when you have a fairly large flock, it can at times, be difficult to keep track of them all. Our birds graze in the enclosed dog/rabbit pen during good weather. We also have hawks, raccoons, and that lousy neighbor’s cat constantly in our yard. For safety’s sake, we need to be able to keep an accurate count of our chickens.

For weeks the kids have all been writing school introductory essays for their teachers claiming that we have forty chickens.

I’d edit each essay to thirty-nine.

Are you sure? They’d ask me.

Yeah, as sure as I can be. Continue reading



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