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Lesson 1363 – A Year of Nothing New

Kristin Skarie is a friend of mine whom I met through my son when she did workshops at his college. Like me, she also loves to do life experiments and one of her finest was going a year without buying anything new. It can be done,  she’s even written a book about it! Here’s Kristin to tell you about what she learned when she didn’t buy anything new.


Hello and thank you Wendy! In 2010, I made a decision to buy nothing new for a year. A friend had shared her recent nothing new experiment so I decided on the spot to give it a go – no preparation, no stocking up, no plans. In many ways this was an answered prayer to remedy a BAD 2009 (don’t ask!) and it gave me a welcome distraction – an active, positive focus on the pending adventure. Continue reading


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Lesson 780 – What’s in a book?

This doesn’t have much to do with chickens (although I suppose it could fall under a feathering the nest category), but I wanted to share this story with you just the same.

Those who know me know that clutter is attracted to me like the squirrels are to the peanut lady in the park. I’ve tried and tried (during one particular life experiment, I even documented the “gutting” of every room in my house and ended up moving out over 5,000 pounds of clutter), but the detritus of life still seems to creep back.

I try to move things out. I make weekly visits to the Goodwill with castoffs that have been thrown into our “to-go” bin as soon as they are discovered and I’ve brought bags and bags of books to our library to be used in book sales. It makes a dent, but not by much.

Just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, things happen, like my chicks return from college and need a place to store their “stuff.” The girls need space for school, soccer, swim team, theater, clubs, and their abundant collection of nail polish bottles. Planned party decorations need a spot to rest until the big day. Odd dishes collect, the surviving parts of one collection being combined with another (honestly, we’ve only *just* moved to glass glasses from those horrid sippy-cup things – I’m kidding, but not by much.) Continue reading


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