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Lesson 379 – Chickens in the rain

We have a good old fashioned summer rainy day in New Hampshire. It’s the perfect day to send the kids to the laundr0mat with all the dogs’ bedding and for putting children in bathing suits to play outside. This afternoon I’ll be making a large pot of chili and after that I’m looking forward to starting a new book.

I love rainy days, they give you a chance to sit back and exhale. There’s nothing that can be done about the lawn today, can’t really scrub any floors because they won’t dry, so you might as well kick back and do some organizing and play a board game or two.

Chickens, however, are not so keen on rainy days. It disrupts their daily rhythm, they can’t quite get a handle on whether they are supposed to be in or out.

Although it sounds like the beginning of a good joke: Here is the answer to โ€œWhat does a chicken do in the rain?โ€ Continue reading


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