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Lesson 312 – Kindergarten kids, incubated eggs, and Simon

Yesterday I met with a Kindergarten class to talk about chickens. They are currently incubating some “tophat” eggs and we’ve agreed to take any chicks that may hatch.

I wanted them to know that all of their chicks (which are going to be absolutely adorable) will be going to a good home where they will be well taken care of and will become part of a new family. (as an aside – I can not wait for this newest addition to our flock – must be the nesting instinct in me that never quite quit – be prepared for many stories and lessons to emerge after they arrive). Continue reading


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Lesson 296 – Little Sy-Montgomery is all grown up

Recently after I gave a workshop on chickens a woman approached me holding a copy of Sy Montgomery’s Birdology. She held the book in her arms as one does a child, something of great treasure.

“I brought this book tonight because I thought you might want to know about it”, she told me. “The first chapter is on chickens. I just love this book,” she gushed as she held it out to me – an offering of similar interest in birds.

I did know of the book and had read it. Birdology is a fascinating book about “adventures with a pack of hens, a peck of pigeons, cantankerous crows, fierce falcons, hip hop parrots, baby hummingbirds, and one murderously big living dinosaur”. I’ve known of the author for some time and we even have a chicken named after her. Yup, we have a Sy-Montgomery chicken. Continue reading

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