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Lesson 454 – Roosting in the roost

We currently have 38 chickens in our flock three of which are bantams and are very small (think fat pigeons) and nine which are this years’ juvies (and at least two of those are roosters which will be moved out soon.) We do not have any giants in our flock. Some people question if we have enough space needed for all our chickens (and of course with my post yesterday mentioning that we’re going to close off 4 square feet of the pen, it means even less floor space available to the girls.)

But I’m not worried and here’s why.

Chickens are roosting birds. From the time they are bitty babies, they like nothing better than to roost on a stick or even an outstretched finger.

We have several indoor and outdoor roosting bars (which is really just a fancy name for wooden dowels.) some running from wall to wall and others free standing. At any time, you’ll find nearly half of the flock either in the nesting boxes or standing on a roosting bar. Once one hops down, another will take it’s place. In fact, I have never gone out to the henhouse and NOT seen birds on the roosts, it’s just kind of what they do. Chickens feel comfortable when they are up high, they feel safe and of course, there is the added advantage that their feet stay dry, something you want to encourage to avoid freezing in the winter and fungal growth in the warmer months. Continue reading



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