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Lesson 1502 – More Chicken Photos from the Northeastern Poultry Congress

Here are a few more photos from the Northeastern Poultry Congress. As you can tell, I’m rather intrigued with close-ups.

My friend, Lauren Scheuer, was there with these delightful *handmade* “Lucy’s”  Read her book Once Upon a Flock to discover who Lucy is.  I now have my very own Lucy sitting on the mantle.


Just look at those baby blues! Continue reading


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Lesson 1501 – Chicken Photos from the Northeastern Poultry Congress


Things have been busy lately, but I wanted to share some photos I took from the Northeastern Poultry Congress – which is essentially the Northeastern Westminster Dog show of chickens.

If you’ve never been to a poultry show, do yourself a favor and check one out. You’ll you be amazed at all the different breeds, you’ll learn things about chickens, and you might even bump into a friend or two.

The birds are kept in small cages during the show (which typically lasts a weekend.) They are viewed, judged, and winners are chosen.

Although it’s easy to feel sorry for birds in stark cages, here’s the good thing about that situation – as anyone who has tried to take photos of chickens knows, it can be near impossible – chickens are constantly moving – when they are in a tight place, you’ve got a better chance for photos.

Here are some of mine from the weekend.


This egg is so fresh you can still see the bloom on it.

And now for a truly colorful cast of characters. Continue reading


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Lesson 474 – Diversity in the flock

When we got our first baby chicks, they were all brown. Didn’t surprise me, as far as I knew all chickens were either brown or white (like the ones at the petting zoos I had been taken to as a child.) It wasn’t until I brought home Isabelle (our Silver Sebright) that I even knew other kinds of chickens existed.

Today I wanted to show you some of the photos I took at the Northeastern Poultry Congress just to give you an idea of the diversity there is in the chicken world.

Female Black Polish

The female Black Polish (as opposed to the photos of the male yesterday) wear Dandilion puffs on their heads.

Unfortunately I don’t have the names of the breeds for all these birds but I loved the pattern on this one, enough to take a closer look.

And then we have this stunning breed. (There’s a mama hen somewhere who loves this little guy.)

Some of the birds were big on tail bling. Continue reading


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Lesson 381 – Members of our photogenic flock

Recently a friend of mine, Em (the very same one who gave me the Geeky gal chicken) came to visit so that she could take some photos of our chickens. She spent about an hour communing with the birds out back and ended up taking some amazing shots of our girls.

Photo Credit: Emily Bersin

This is Jerry – yeah I know, she’s a girl with a boy’s name but she was also part of a pair named (of course) Tom and Jerry. Tom turned out to be a rooster who got re-farmed (Sunday Dinner) leaving us with this our lone Light Brahma.

Jerry wears the most amazing black feathered cloak that is truly worthy of any Harry Potter story. She’s a cautious but gentle bird who prefers to situate herself neither in the front nor in the back of the flock but instead right in the middle where she can scratch and reflectively peck with no one bothering her. Continue reading


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