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Lesson 570 – Which came first, the chicken or the egg – I have the answer

If you make the decision to have chickens, be prepared to hear every single variation there is of the question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

You’ll be sent funny Facebook cartoons, of an egg smoking in bed next to a chicken (needs no further explanation),  jokes, and even philosphical musing on the subject:

Chickens and eggs coexist. They have always coexisted and must always continue to coexist, for if you destroy all of one or the other, the one left will become more powerful than it is possible to imagine and the imbalance will annihilate the universe.

The other day a  friend and fellow cohort of mine (as chaperons on the 7th grade 3 day cabin camping trip, we both snuck out, went to the local Walmart and got heating pads with extension cords to tuck inside of our sleeping bags at night – it was that cold) stopped by our house with her daughter (who was also on the camping trip but alas, did not get a heating pad.)

Julie presented me with these incredible earrings. She had made them a while  back and wanted to make sure I got them. Continue reading



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