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Lesson 423 – Halloween is NOT gonna happen for the chickens

Well you know me, if there’s a way I can anthropomorphize (it’s an SAT word Logan, look it up) our chickens I do. For each of the holidays I like to adorn the coop with appropriate decorations, white lights and a wreath at Christmas, a little night before Christmas snack, and a whole lot of chick and egg decorations at Easter.

But not every holiday can be celebrated with our fine ladies.

Halloween is quickly arriving. The kids have decorated the house with the scary things we’re used to seeing every year.  I thought about what I could put in the hen house in order to get our girls into the holiday spirit.

Even after the discussion yesterday about feeding our chickens dead mice this winter, I think it would be too cruel (and gross) to put up this decoration. Although I’ve decided to give them the mice, I don’t have to like the idea.

And this one is too grim (if you know what I mean) for a species of animal that, for the most part, is bred to invite this guy to their last meal.

And if you squint your eyes a little bit, this one sort of looks like a large Osprey swooping down ready to take a member of your flock away. *shudder* Continue reading

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