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Lesson 635 – We’ve lost two members of the flock

It’s time to get this news out of the way.

We’ve lost two very prominent members of our flock.

First Simon, my beautiful painting chicken, Simon died last week. We had noticed throughout the summer that at times she seemed to be gasping for air but then every time I’d pick her up to check her out she’d be fine. At other times, she’d be lethargic one moment and then in another, she’d be up and about. She ate fine, drank water, and was active with the flock.

It’s just that something was a bit off about her.

The other morning we went to the hen house to let the chickens out and there was poor little Simon – she had died during the night.

Simon, if you recall, was our artist chicken. One day in a fit of boredom, my kids decided to use a chicken to paint a picture. Of course they chose Simon who was by far, the sweetest and most docile member of our flock. It was not unusual to find Simon in my lap when I was reading a book outside.

Feathered Fireworks

For the painting project, the kids held Simon, dipped her feet in paint and then created a work of art that was entitled “Feathered Fireworks.” The piece sold at auction for 300 dollars with the money going toward a local playground renovation fund. So basically because of Simon, kids get to continue playing.

How many chickens leave a legacy like that? Continue reading


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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 251 – Death in the hen house

I hate it when irony is not funny.

Last week, just last week I was talking with a friend about our chickens. And one of the most amazing things is that in the almost two years we’ve had them, other than a newborn chick, we have not lost one of our birds. Not one! I gloated, secure in our spectacular and gifted bird handling skills.

And then came last night.

I was at the ski mountain with the kids. Marc had (finally) returned from Vegas and had resumed his nightly chicken chores. The beeping on my Droid at the lodge indicated I had a message.

“We’ve lost a bird.”

Heart sinks to the floor. Oh no.

I didn’t mention it to the kids. They were tired. It was late. Tears would not have been a good mix. Tomorrow would be soon enough.

When I got home I looked at the bird which Marc had wrapped and put inside a grocery bag. (“Well what did you want me to do with it?”). I saw the brown, white, and black markings of a small, delicate hen. Continue reading


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