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Lesson 1508 – Charlie – our family chicken



I have been sitting on this one for many months. It happened during our Border-to-border walk this summer and I knew I had to put it on the backburner until we finished, otherwise I would lose it.

Some chickens mean more than others.

And then it was too painful to retrieve it so I just let it sit and sit unattended.  But it’s time to confront this head on.

My beautiful, beautiful Black Copper Maran, Charlie died. She had been ill for a while. Something was affecting her nervous system and she had difficulty walking. She’d list to one side, fall down, and then we’d have to pick her up and set her on her feet again. One day she’d be okay, the next day she’d have her “drunk dance” back.

As she continued with her declining health, we tried a few things. I gave her physical therapy (a towel sling while she worked her legs.) We made sure that she always had food and water nearby so that she wouldn’t have to go far. I picked her up at the end of the day to place her in the safety of the coop each night.

One night, when I was away on a walk, she finally laid down and died. Continue reading


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Lesson 489 – The Adventures of Fatty Madi at NHPR

(Just as an aside note, did you really think I wasn’t going to do this? )

This is how Fatty Madi spent her morning.

First she waited patiently in the 6th floor waiting room of NHPR (New Hampshire Public Radio.) Apologies to the photo of the bird on the Audubon magazine that Madi is resting her bum on. Didn’t catch that one until I got home.

Having just recently come off of watching the latest Latino-inspired Glee show, Madi thought the potted plant had a very “Las Isla Bonita” feel to it.

We met Brady Carlson host of All Things Considered, who took us into the recording studio. It took a few tries to get the headphones right on Madi but eventually she was ready for her close-up.

Wouldn’t you know it? Once we got there, Fatty Madi got all, like, “I don’t have good enough presentation skills to talk in public” on me and she clammed up leaving me to do the entire interview. By myself. *sigh* Chicks, you know? Continue reading


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