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Lesson 1401 – Can Day



Today is Can Day and we’re all very excited about that.

Obviously this statement needs a little bit of a backstory. I am on a 10-day cleanse that had been recommended to me by my Lyme Disease doc. I did it a year ago and after gaining so much weight while my mother was in hospice, and after participating in our family rib-off, I decided that the time was right to do it again.

It’s nothing horribly drastic. In its essence it includes clean food with supplements added. The supplements are fairly potent with regard to vitamins and minerals (neon yellow pee) which is why it’s very important to drink at least 3 quarts a day of water while on this cleanse (which also means you need to scope out where bathrooms are when you leave the house), but when it is over, your body is basically recharged with what it needs. Go forth and conquer.

I’ve been posting pictures of what I eat on my Facebook page, but here’s a typical example of a meal while on this cleanse. Last year when I did this, I ate animal protein, this year I’m going all out and doing vegan.


Looks pretty yummy, right? Continue reading


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