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Male drama during the holidays

A very proud part of my family’s history is that we are descended from the Burr family on my mother’s side.

Yes, *that* Burr family and yes, sigh, we all know the lyrics to the musical Hamilton by heart.

My mother’s name was even Theodosia Burr – she was one who carried on the family name. I have always wanted to change my middle name from Ellen (which has no family significance and was only assigned to me because it started with the letter “E” – long story) to Burr but just never got around to it.

There’s still time, I suppose.

While we were all taught the history of Aaron Burr, it wasn’t until Hamilton came out that others finally learned it too.

Yeah, Burr was a hothead and yeah, he had ambition, and yeeees, he was certainly a bit of a brat, but we were taught to believe that he was “strongly passionate” about his views. We like to think of Aaron as being one who meant well, but was horribly misunderstood by others.

Which is why it was so fantastic when I was in a discount store in 1999 and actually found a Christopher Radko Christmas ornament from 1998 of ALEXANDER HAMILTON!!!  I mean there is probably a very small audience who would appreciate such an ornament which is I’m sure why it made it to the discount aisle, but to me this was GOLD!

Another lesson to teach the kids! Hooray!

Since then, every Christmas we hang the Hamilton ornament near the top of the tree (always higher than the kids can reach) and we say to our precious decoration, “Sorry our family murdered you Alexander, but Merry Christmas anyway.” And then we have a drink in Burr and Hamilton’s honor.

Forever linked because of unresolved male drama.

To us, it’s our yearly atonement for family passion that got just a little too much out of control.


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