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Lesson 387 – a red-letter day for chickens

Last night Marc and I were at a party (great food, great music, great folks, and we got to see their chickens! – thanks Rick and Jemi) where I was gifted with this delightful epilectic-seizure-inducing-squeezy chick.

They knew I had chickens. They knew I would love it.

They were right.

If you have kids or have ever spent anytime around kids, you know what these strobe things do. My kids love them and over the years we’ve had several balls and worm-like things that blink when you shake them. Inside,there’s a little mechanical ball that when activated makes for a mini-strobe light effect. It’s very rave.

But it also, of course, makes this the the BEST THING EVER to have at a party, at night, outdoors. (which is exactly where I was.)

What’s that? People asked me of the blinking baby chick in my hand.

This? Oh, it’s a blinking baby chick.


No, I actually did hear crickets, the party was outside, remember?

Anyway, one thing led to another and as chicken owners know, eventually all conversations turn to chickens.

Was it considered cruel to cook chicken on the grill in front of the chickens? No.

Would you like some more of the curried chicken? All set thanks.

Oh look, there’s a rooster on this wine bottle! I know, we brought it, did you think I’d bring the one with the naked feet on it when I own, wait for it…. chickens!!

How many chickens did you say you had? 40.

Does it take a lot of work to raise chickens? Not really, but why don’t you grab a beer and I’ll tell you about some of our experiences.

As Marc and I were leaving, a woman came up to me.

Could I have your card?, she said. I’m thinking about getting chickens and I’d love to read up on them.

It’s a red-letter day when you get to eat outstanding food, are given a blinking chick toy, get to meet new friends,listen to local music, and are able to spread the good word about chickens.

A red-letter day indeed.


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