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Lesson 1379 – Pasty Butt Problems




Chicks don’t need a lot of care – basically they need water, food, and heat. The littlest guys though, who are just learning how to eat food and drink enough water need to be watched for something called Pasty Butt. Because birds eliminate urine and poop in one package, if they don’t know how to drink enough water, or if they are eating some of the absorbent bedding they can get concentrated waste and that can cause a problem.

Concentrated waste sometimes doesn’t drop off and then that bird poop dries into a hard little blob. If the poop is stuck on the bum (technically it’s a cloacae) then it can form a plug preventing any more poop from being passed. If you try to “rip” the poop off, you can tear delicate tissue. This is serious and can lead to death. Pasty Butt is a situation that needs to be addressed immediately Continue reading


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