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Project Chickens before the Eggs – Lesson 240 – A chick’s amazing potential

One good thing about all this sub-zero cold is that it is forcing me to stay in close proximity to my little overworked electric heater placed strategically by my writing desk. Even with long underwear on under my pants, two (count them two) sweatshirts on, and wool socks, I’m still cold. Keeping me virtually tethered by the glimmer of heat is a rather crude but effective method of keeping my butt to the chair.

I may not be too warm these days but I’m certainly cranking out the word counts.

But I can’t write all the time. Not to worry, it seems that there is always something to be done and/or found around my desk.

For example, the girls spent the weekend organizing all the earrings I had taken off when I discovered at my desk that the jangling was distracting me when writing and so tucked them in a little corner “out of the way”.

It turns out I have a lot of earrings. Who knew?

I’ve gone through old papers and have thrown out a lot of garbage that up until now, I hadn’t had the time to discover I truly didn’t need them.

It turns out I have a lot of unnecessary documentation. Who knew? Continue reading

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