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Lesson 1504 – Coming in at my end of the list


I ran a 5K road race yesterday – or more accurately I participated in one. I walk, I can’t run anymore. My left knee and hip is so unstable that if I even tried to run, I know I’d end up on the floor (if not the hospital.)

I have several friends who regularly join these local races and when they send out an invitation – if I can, I go. To date, my walking  instead of running has never been an issue. Usually there are enough people to ensure that there is a “walker’s group.”

But the race this weekend was small  – less than 300 people signed up.  When the guy at the front of the line wearing shorts(!) took off his shirt before the race started, I knew I was in trouble. While waiting those last few seconds before the horn blared, I looked around. There were plenty of people in full running attire – bright neon – colored shoes, light-weight jackets, and so, so, may different patterns of running tights (can you really call them leggings when they are so darn expensive?)

These were serious runners. Continue reading



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