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Lesson 1495 – 10K and a Twenty – Nashua, NH


10K and a Twenty

Sojourneying one step at a time

For my first mini-10K journey, I decided to visit the city of Nashua, NH located southeast to our town and considered one of the “big” cities in New Hampshire  (it’s more like a winding and very-active town.) Nashua is right above the Mass border. At it’s furthest end, it supports a large shopping mall where many come to take advantage of our “no-sales tax” merchandise (Live Free or Die) and at the end closest to our town, it simply looks like an extension of what we already have. Houses, land, trees.

The center of Nashua proper is the main street that runs through the old mill, downtown section, it’s where the major commerce is – restaurants, boutiques, bars, – The city has done a lot to revitalize the shopping area and by all accounts, Nashua has it going on. Very cool, very hip.

When Griffin and I completed our border to border walk this summer, we passed through Nashua, but as we were talking to the mayor, we didn’t have much time to look around. This time I took my time – that’s what walking allows you to do. Continue reading


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