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Happy Thanksgiving from our flock to yours

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. For the day try putting the work away, put down the brooms and dustpans, know that you’ll get to those never ending tasks tomorrow – instead today truly enjoy the time focusing on your friends and family.

We all appreciate our good fortune

Savor the smells of good and plentiful food. Play with your children, talk with the older ones – how’s it going? Share with your chickens or the woodland creatures the scraps of your dinner preparation – the tops of onions and carrots, the base of lettuce – knowing that nothing need go to waste. It is, we are, all part of a bigger picture. Take a moment today out of your busy life to just be. Exhale and celebrate what you have. Continue reading


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May Challenges – here they are

It’s May.

That means a new month and of course that means a new challenge! Yeah!

As some of you know, I’m going to continue doing the One Hour a Day or Die exercise challenge for May. Yup, one hour of moderate exercise a day, every day – just to maintain my current weight (or so says the American Medical Association).

But I needed a new challenge for the month (besides trying new recipes, and sharing more stories about our chickens).

And that’s when it occurred to me. I have the perfect challenge which sort of ties in everything. I’ve been working on a chicken-story manuscript but as we all know, what with kids, soccer, life, writing assignments, and one hour of exercise a day – things can get lost.

I'm gonna finish me a manuscript

Well not in the month of May. My new challenge is going to be this: Continue reading

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