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Lesson 1366 – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Barbecued Ribs

Okay another pressure cooker recipe. This time my husband, Marc and son, Griffin decided to make ribs in the cooker. They made this decision in part based on this pressure cooker ribs video. Combine that video with the fact ribs were on sale at our local grocery store, and by watching me they knew that no one was going to die using the pressure cooker anytime soon and it was a done deal.

The recipe calls for you to braise the ribs in apple cider and vinegar for 32 minutes at high pressure in the cooker. Then you take them out of the pressure cooker, put them on a baking sheet, cover them with barbecue sauce and bake for 15 minutes. Continue reading



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Lesson 1361 – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Baked Ziti experience

We’ve been continuing to use our pressure cooker (my kids think of it as our evil experiment every time they hear the escaping steam whistle.) This time we made Baked Ziti Florentine.

In a nutshell, I sauteed the onions in the pot (this seems to be a common first step in a lot of the recipes, but that’s okay, pretty much everything is better with onions in it.) I added red sauce and chicken broth (which will create the steam later on) and when it came to a boil, I added spinach and basil and waited until they wilted. Then I added the pasta.

And here’s where I made a mistake. Because we had 8 people for dinner that night, I doubled the recipe. (I always alter recipes when I cook, a little more of this, a little less of that.) That meant I used 2 pounds of ricotta cheese mixed with egg and Parmesan cheese. The directions said to layer it on top of the mixture. Let’s just say that 2 pounds was too much. Apparently I created such a seal on the top of the food with the cheese mixture that I never got the pot to high pressure. We kept waiting and waiting and waiting but we never saw steam come out. Continue reading

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Lesson 1356 – Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Pot Roast experience

It all started off with a simple question on my Facebook page – if you had a tiny kitchen (I had my “someday” tiny house in mind) what are the things that you would absolutely have in it?

People talked about coffee machines, stoves, fridges, and crock pots. Several people mentioned pressure cookers. This came as a bit of a surprise to me because I had always equated pressure cookers with grandmothers and personal injury. But so many people mentioned a pressure cooker that I decided to look into it. (Never met a challenge I didn’t like.)

Apparently I need to get out more, it seems that pressure cookers are the new black in the kitchen. But today’s pressure cookers are not your grandma’s cookers. Now they are electric and programmable.

And people RAVE about them. Continue reading


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Lesson 1352 – A love poem to black truffles

I messed up. Yesterday’s post was supposed to be today’s post. I was supposed to cover recipes on Thursdays. Oh well, I’ll just put this week’s recipe post here.

This is a black truffle.


This is how much they cost (and yes you read that right.)


This is the tool you need to buy if you want to eat truffles. I didn’t bring my reading glasses to the store with me and what I thought was $19.99 turned out to be $39.99 when I got home. The art of eating truffles is very expensive.


This is about $8 worth of truffle.


I scrambled eggs and added just a little bit of shredded Swiss cheese and then topped it all with the truffle slices.

This is heaven.



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