Lesson 1561- Life lessons I want my kids to know

When I was young (like elementary school young) for whatever reason, one night I decided to make a pronouncement at the family dinner table.

“I have decided on the name I’m going to call my first baby.” I announced.  I had put much thought into this and was very proud of my decision.

My statement obviously got everyone’s attention. Forks stopped midway to mouths and everyone looked my way.

“Okay,” my mother said, treading gently “what’s the name?”

We had been studying American Indians in class and I was obviously impressed with what I was learning.

“I am going to call my first baby Little White Flower.”

At first there was silence.

And then there was laughter.

Lots of it.

Shamed, I stormed out of the dining room and stomped my way up to my bedroom.

It was a fine name, what did my family know?

For the record instead of “Little White Flower” my first baby’s name ended up being Spencer.


Lesson learned – For Spencer’s sake thank God children eventually grow up.






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4 responses to “Lesson 1561- Life lessons I want my kids to know

  1. Judith Gott

    I, of course, Love the name Little White Flower! However, I do understand that your son might have been – not too happy with it! Wisdom! Smile!

  2. Chronicallyundiagnosed

    What a sweet little child you were, to come up with a name like that.

    • Wendy Thomas

      I was very sincere in the name that I chose, which is why I was so dismayed that others were laughing at me.

      Because of this story, my kids will sometimes call me Little White Flower, so all is not lost. 🙂

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