Lesson 1575 – Ok, so I’m a fan of poetry


Epigrams 2016

Epigrams 2017

Majordomo (2016)

By James Burns


James Burns, a friend and co-writer, recently sent me three of his poetry books. I’m going to put this right here – I’m not a big fan of poetry, much of it flies over my head and I get frustrated because I don’t “get it.”

But that’s not the case with James’ poetry. He plays with words, he gets in and then gets out, and he expertly leads you to a conclusion that often takes your breath away. All of his poems deliver a powerful, truthful punch. Take this one:


Poems are slices

Of my soul

Thinly cut

And ready to digest

Epigrams 2017 – Burns


The imagery is compelling. I get it. I know what he’s talking about. I can relate.

I feel it.

And that’s the power of poetry, to write in thoughts and images just as clearly as if you were using full paragraphs.

When reading each of James’ books, I find myself taking notes, marking some of the pages, telling myself that I need to share this with my daughter who loves poetry.

She should read this, I think.

She really should.



If I prune my beliefs

And change who I am

Bend and twist my soul

As if I were the maker’s bonsai tree

If I give way to your will

What then becomes of me?

Majordomo – Burns


Perhaps it’s time to stop saying that I’m not a fan of poetry and begin saying that I’m a fan of James’ poetry.

Because I am.
I truly am.


Note – all of James Burns’ poetry collections are available on Amazon (links on each title above) and are very reasonable. If you want to try poetry or if you already love poetry, I suggest you give them a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 


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