Lesson 1557 – Lessons Learned from Charlotte’s Web – Chapter 16

Charlotte’s Web Chapter 16 – Off To The Fair   


The next day is the higly anticipated Fair. Everyone goes to sleep with lovely dreams of the fun they will have.

In the morning, Mrs. Zuckerman gives Wilbur a buttermilk bath. Not only did he feel radiant but the bath also made him look radiant.

Templeton the rat, at first adamant about not going to the Fair is talked into going when he hears about all the wonderful bits of discarded food he could feast upon. He hides under the straw in a corner of the crate.

Charlotte decides at the last minute to accompany Wilbur to the fair. She lowers herself to the pig crate and hides in a slat’s knothole.

“Listen to me,” warned the old sheep. “When they open the crate and try to put you in, struggle! Don’t’ go without a tussle.

The Zuckemans, Arables, and Lurvy go to the barn to crate the pig. They notice what a fine pig he is. “You’ll get some extra good ham and bacon, Homer, when it comes time to kill that pig” said Mr. Arable.

Wilbur faints from fear and is revived.

When it comes time to put him in the crate, Wilbur pushes back. “Nothing wrong with this pig,” notes Mr. Zuckeman.

They load Wilbur in his crate onto the truck and everyone heads off to the Fair.


Chapter 16 Lessons Learned


Everyone goes off to bed with dreams of good times at the Fair.

Lesson Learned – Never lose the ability to dream of a better tomorrow.


Wilbur gets a buttermilk bath and looks stunning.

Lesson Learned –.Sometimes a little TLC is what’s needed to make you feel radiant again.


Templeton changes his mind about going to the Fair when he hears about the food.

Lesson Learned –If you want people to change their behavior, you need to tell them what’s in it for them.


Charlotte changes her mind and decides to go to the Fair with Wilbur. .

Lesson Learned: Knowing when to change your direction is a strong skill to have.


Wilbur faints when Mr. Arable talks about killing him.

Lesson Learned: People who are afraid for their personal safety tend to not perform well.


Wilbur takes the old sheep’s advice and struggles before getting into the crate.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes it’s best to not look too anxious.


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