Lesson 1542 -The power of a wave #WaveNH

So you know how I did a “5K -a-day” for a month as challenged by my son Griffin?

I decided that as long as I’m walking I might as well wave to people who drive by. Everyday, there I was in my sunglasses and wide-brim hat waving away. (You may recall that on our New Hampshire Border-to-Border walk, Griffin and I waved to people the entire length of New Hampshire. 

During my 5K challenge, one day I waved to a driver and a few minutes later he turned his car around, pulled up alongside me, and rolled down the passenger window so he could talk to me.

“Hey,” he said leaning over so I could hear him. “I just wanted you to know that I was in a bad mood and then I saw you wave at me and that made my day. Thanks.”

Incredible. It’s absolutely incredible that a small action like a wave can make such a big difference in someone’s attitude.

We must never, ever forget how powerful and uplifting it is to simply be nice to one another.




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2 responses to “Lesson 1542 -The power of a wave #WaveNH

  1. A wave or a smile – they can change a person’s day. And make your own better too. 🙂

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