Lesson 1531 – Barcelona – Day 3 – continued

We were told by our walking guide the first day to get whatever was the “meal of the day” that was listed at local restaurants. It’s fresh, made with in-season ingredients and is usually very reasonably priced.

Who were we to argue with advice like that?

After we left the museum, we got back on the bus and then got off in the more modern part of the city. The difference in structures and history is like night and day – very metropolitan. It didn’t take us long to find a restaurant with an advertised meal of the day.

The only thing was that we had gotten there around 12 and for the most part, lunch is served around 2:00. Still we managed to convey what we wanted  (by doing a lot of head shaking and pointing) and were pleasantly surprised at the wine that is usually considered part of the meal.

It turned out that our meal was a type of paella (although this used pasta instead of rice) which is the national comfort dish and like everyone’s grandmother’s red sauce has it’s own secret recipe. This one had seafood which included those teeny, tiny clams that explode with fresh, sweet, beach flavor on your tongue.

Once again though, if you drink enough water and wine, eventually you have to use the restroom. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to flush this toilet.

Before we left the restaurant, wouldn’t you know, I found another chicken on their menu board.

Art and color is everywhere in Barcelona. It’s not unusual to walk by a building and see something like this mosaic, put there apparently, just because someone could.

Now that our bellies were full (but not bursting – you never have so much at a meal that you are uncomfortable) and we had gotten our wine on, it was time to get back on the bus to continue seeing the city looking down from the open deck.



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