Lesson 1517 – Hey, I tried

On St. Patrick ’s Day we took the kids out to dinner. Our family is not Irish, but because we have so many kids many people assume we are – so I think that kind of makes us honorary Irish.

Anyway, I’m still eating vegan and have discovered that it’s near impossible to order a vegan dish in a restaurant (unless you are happy eating salad and carrots sticks for dinner.) I did the best I could, so while everyone else got dishes like Buffalo chicken mac and cheese, lamb pockets, shrimp scampi, and yes, even a boiled corned beef dinner, I order Spanakopita  – which is a Greek and feta cheese pie.

I know, I know, feta cheese isn’t very vegan but I tried my best and it was lovely (and bonus points for being green.) This morning it’s back to oatmeal, lentils and beans with vegetables, and salads.

In just about a week, I’ll be leaving for Spain and France and veganism be damned, I assure you that I will be trying every new experience and adventure I come across (yes, I’m even determined to try Octopus.) My travel philosophy has always fallen along the lines of “when in Rome…”  Those of you who followed my border-to-border walk know that in the spirit of “Rome” I tried wild boar during that adventure (meh, it was okay, I don’t need to have it again, but that wasn’t the point.)

There will be time (roughly two weeks) after I return from Europe to clean up my diet and return to a vegan plan in order to be ready for my scheduled two (2!) skin cancer surgeries. (I’ll write more about that when I get back, don’t really want to deal with it now.) I firmly believe that nutrition and exercise (and water and hope) play a *huge* role in healing and disease management (whether it be from a chronic disease like Lyme disease or from something traumatic like surgery.)

And I plan to heal quickly so that I can attend a son’s college graduation in mid-May.



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2 responses to “Lesson 1517 – Hey, I tried

  1. Wow, I check in to all my ‘followed friends’ blogs and I must have missed one where you announced the BIG C! (Almost typed the BIG D and wouldn’t have that left heads scratching?) I hope you find the rejuvenation of travel outweighs the complications and stress. I will wait for photos and good news upon your return. Hugs during your treatment and follow-up.

  2. Two surgeries… did I send you my top 5 surgery tips? I’ve had 7 major surgeries. I got out of the hospital a day early each time I used them. They really help.
    When I was restricting my diet a lot, I would collect the different types of food on the menu I could eat, and ask the cook to make something out of it. At least that way I could eat. I still avoid dairy and wheat/flour, which is very limiting, but better than before. So I get that difficulty.
    Octopus? Very rubbery, tasteless… unless you find a place that knows how to cook it. Maybe you have a guidebook that can direct you to a good place. I had calamari once. It was amazingly good. Never found it that good anywhere again.
    Sometimes just having a blast is very healing for the body. Have a fantastic trip!

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