Lesson 1489 Border to Border New Hampshire Walk – Followup

A few followups to our epic journey-

Are you okay?

It took about 3 weeks for Griffin’s blisters to heal (they never got infected) and it took about 4 weeks for my torn tendon to settle down to the point where I didn’t need a brace anymore (although I still had to be careful.)

Our doc had us switch from Motrin to Aleve, but Aleve also has some impressive magical toilet properties. Let’s just say that we were both relieved when we got off of all meds.

Who knows why, but my Lyme Disease flared after the walk. It might have been physical stress from the walk, it might have been that I got re-infected along the way. Who knows, but I’m working with my doc on getting that back under control.

Are you going to get an artificial knee?

At some point, I’ll need one – I’ve already had 14 operations on my left knee and I can tell the joint is wearing down. But I’m not getting a new knee today, and I probably won’t tomorrow, so I’m simply taking it day by day.

What’s next?

Griffin has (sort of) agreed to a New Hampshire border to coast walk (across the widest part of New Hampshire) with me next spring. It’s a relatively short journey of 90 miles and the logistics are still being figured out.

Next summer I plan to do a few other border-to-border walks and even a few town-to-town walks in neighboring New England states. Alas because my knee is so wonky, I’ll have to stick to the roads instead of any hiking trails, but, if you know me, I won’t mind a bit. It gives me a chance to meet and talk to more people.

My dream is to do the Border to Border walk in England and the Camino walk in Spain.

I’m also planning on writing more about this first walk (for magazines) and I hope to get an agent interested in the project as a possible book. What you read on my blog these last few months was my first draft, I appreciate all the input and encouragement you sent me along the way.

Extra bonus: 

Griffin and I both wrote secret messages on the back of the rocks we left at the New Hampshire/Mass border. You can probably tell whose is whose.



Let me know if you have any additional questions.

And thank you for taking this journey with us.

(Here’s some information on why we took this trip.)


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6 responses to “Lesson 1489 Border to Border New Hampshire Walk – Followup

  1. Nell Wade

    It’s Dec 15th and I’ve finally finished reading about your adventure. ‘Hope’ is a perfect finish, especially after the election and future cabinet we’re going through. Thank you for bringing us along on your incredible journey. Although I live in CA, I feel that we’re neighbors and I’ve just come into your kitchen for a good cup of coffee/tea and great conversation. Thank YOU!!!

    • Wendy Thomas

      Well thanks! And hey, any reader of the blog is a friend of mine. Mi casa es su casa. And who knows, maybe my journies will take me out to CA at some point, if they do maybe we can have that cup of coffee!


  2. Very exciting future plans for more walks–and getting magazine attention! Good luck on all!

    Please do get that knee treated!

  3. Phall0106


    This has been one my most favorite series of posts from any blogger or website. I’ve actually actively sought out this series of posts every single day (and checked my email repeatedly when it was “supposed” to be in, but wasn’t). I’ve loved hearing about the trip you and Griffin made–how wonderfully inspirational.

    Thank you for not only making the trip and bringing awareness about Lyme disease, but sharing your experience.


    On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 9:26 AM, Lessons Learned from the Flock wrote:

    > Wendy Thomas posted: ” A few followups to our epic journey- Are you okay? > It took about 3 weeks for Griffin’s blisters to heal (they never got > infected) and it took about 4 weeks for my torn tendon to settle down to > the point where I didn’t need a brace anymore (althoug” >

    • Wendy Thomas


      Thank you so much for this heart-warming comment. It’s knowing that people like you get pleasure from my words (and occasionally learn a thing or two) that keeps me writing.

      Happiest of New Years from our flock to yours.


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