Lesson 1423 – It’s all about New Hampshire


Our Border to Border New Hampshire walk (which starts in ONE WEEK!!!) will be a celebration of all things New Hampshire. During our 220 mile walk Griffin and I  plan on visiting unique businesses and attractions and eating the foods (and in my case anyway, drinking some of our local beers) that make our state great.

As much as we can, we’ll also be using and wearing New Hampshire products. I am going to wear one pair of earrings for the walk (but who knows, maybe I’ll purchase more along the way.)

These are the three I have that are in the running to be worn on our trip (all made in New Hampshire.)

These little beauties made our of horse nails.


These which are made out of our New Hampshire state quarters.

coin earrings

And these, which I found last week that look like tiny dishes of teal rock candy.



Decisions, decisions. If you were going on a long walk to celebrate your state, which pair would you pick?




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5 responses to “Lesson 1423 – It’s all about New Hampshire

  1. For hiking and being outdoors, I’d probably go with the less dangly ones.

  2. Kristin

    I’m with FeistyFroggy. I would pick the rock candy earrings because the horse nails look heavy (and might make your earlobes tired) and the quarters might also be heavy. Hey, is it legal to make jewelry out of (i.e. deface) currency?

  3. Elaine McManness


    The earrings made from the nails and the quarters are likely to get very heavy on your ear lobes and with all your walking and the pulling heavier earring will have on your earlobes, you might be better off wearing the pretty little blue ones for such a long walk. They will fit closer to your lobes and thus will not be pulling on your lobes with every step you make. Yep, I would definitely go with the small blue ones, which should be kinder to your earlobes as long as the metal in them doesn’t bother you.

    Good luck on your walk! You are one brave lady to do this without an escort; or I’m assuming you won’t have anyone in a vehicle following you guys, as I’ve not read anything about you having a support car tagging along behind you as many, like yourself, have achieved these kinds of long walks. I’m a good 20 years older than you, I’m sure, and also raised six children, but I would certainly think you should have someone following you to give you backup support should you run into a health or safety issue on a lonely desolate stretch of road. You and Griffin will be in my prayers during your long walk. God bless you both with sturdiness of back and legs; for the protection and strength of your feet; for fair weather; the absence of any danger from animals – including the 2-legged kind; a good soft place to rest at night; nourishing food; and plenty of pure water throughout your trip and may He send many guardian angels along the way to be there to help and protect you both. You are so inspiring to all of your readers, Wendy, and I often find myself living vicariously through you. Take care and walk tall – and, please, carry a big stick, just in case.


    Elaine McManness

    P.S. By the way, have you seen the advertisements on TV about the Bell & Howell Tac Lights? They are small, metal, very sturdy flash lights that have the most incredibly bright light that covers a much wider area than a typical flashlight. It has several features including a flashing strobe light and SOS signal that seems like a perfect light for you and Griffin to have. I ordered mine a month ago but they didn’t come in until yesterday, but I’m glad I got two so I have one inside and for the car. Anyway, I am very impressed by the flashlights and think they would be perfect for you to have for your walk.

  4. I agree with the earlier commenters. You wouldn’t want to wear heavy ones, and they may also get in the way. The lovely little ones seem the best option. 🙂

  5. I LOVE the rock candy looking ones. I also really like the horse nail ones as they are so unique and pretty. Are they heavy to wear?

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