Lesson 1381 – Lyme Disease – everyone needs to know about it




It’s spring and ticks are out. There is going to be a whole crop of new people (including many, many kids) who will be infected with Lyme disease. As the mom of 5 kids who have chronic Lyme disease and who is a chronic Lyme disease patient myself. I take educating others on Lyme disease very, very seriously.

My daughter who works at a local movie theater told me that when she was recently cleaning up after a movie, she found a tick crawling across the tile floor.

Yup, we live in New Hampshire where ticks thrive. You don’t even have to go outside to be exposed to them. *Everyone* needs to know about Lyme disease and co-infections.

Absolutely everyone.

And here’s a reminder – ticks are being seen left and right, it looks like a heavy crop this year. If you are bitten by a tick please be hyper-vigilant about any sort of change to your health. A “summer cold”, rash, or weird fever could very well be a Lyme infection.

If you are coming off of a winter where it’s been “one thing after another” and you’ve been previously healthy but now you have all kinds of crazy problems and yet all the tests come back negative, suspect Lyme disease.

Please, please, please learn about Lyme disease (and related co-infections) Ask people who have Lyme (ahem, me) or join a group (search Lyme on Facebook) to get help and information.


Won’t ever stop talking about this because I can’t.


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3 responses to “Lesson 1381 – Lyme Disease – everyone needs to know about it

  1. that’s (good/great/wonderful), thanks for your (share/info),.. I think this is (great/amazing) blog

  2. Exceptionally well written! Your articles are amazing. You remind me of my mom back in Wisconsin. You have made my day! I am reading your website while walking my dog.

  3. Your writing style reminds me of my aunt back in Vermont. I am going to follow you on WordPress. Thank you again. I was walking on the beach on Friday when I heard about your site. Here’s the thing, I really love your write ups.

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