Lesson 1378 – Yes you are

On Sunday, before we headed back to New Hampshire from Connecticut we decided to stop at the Greenfield Hill Dogwood festival. I grew up in this area and have fond memories of the festival, the crafts, and those incredible Dogwoods.

Marc and I walked around taking photos of the dogwood flowers – of which there are white flowered trees


And pink.


Although I did find a dark red one which was new to me.


In the open square across from the church is a magnificent tree that I remember from my youth. I explored for hours under that old grand-daddy and although never successful, attempted to climb it at every chance I had.


Seized by inspiration I turned to my daughter. “Addy, Addy, go over to that tree and pose for your senior portrait.” Addy already has her senior portrait and is graduating in a few weeks, but she knew what I was going for (she is, after all, her mother’s daughter.) She knew that I was making fun of all those photos where the kids are artfully posed against “nature.”


“Okay,” I instructed her playing the role of photographer artiste. “Pretend that you are deep in thought.” She gave me this.


“Okay now, pretend you are a Goddess.” Addy hesitated for just a second, and then threw me this exasperated look.


“What?? Pretend??!!! Mom, I already *am* a Goddess!!”

Yes you are sweetheart, yes you are.



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3 responses to “Lesson 1378 – Yes you are

  1. Karen

    Love it all, but especially the last photo and her response!!!

  2. Robbi Orr

    I never knew there were different colors of dogwood. We only have the white ones on our property, so thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. Love the ones of your precious daughter too.



  3. Those blossoms on & under the tree. Wow!

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