The final update


During mom’s hospice stay, I sent updates out to the family and friends. I’m sharing this with my online friends because you have been so supportive throughout this journey. Every single message was read and appreciated. Thank you, thank you all. 


This will be the final update.

Mom/Teddie passed away yesterday at 12:55 p.m. April 28th with Larry, Sue, I, and many members of another patient’s (Nancy) family by her side laughing, joking and telling her that we all loved her. We’ve met many friends on this hospice journey and have discovered that in the end there is enough love for everyone.

Mom was comfortable until her last breath. She didn’t struggle. She simply slipped away when she was ready. She made sure to do it when the sun was shining, the seas were calm, and the birds were out and singing. Mom had told me earlier that she had always wanted to die on a warm sunny day and not in the cold of winter. She got her wish.

It is a testament to mom’s generous spirit that many nurses who had worked with her during her stay came in to say good bye and to give hugs. Word gets out quickly in that place. For one nurse, it was the first time she had ever cried for a patient. That speaks volumes about mom’s character.

Although she was in hospice, mom had a great last 2 months. She made friends, she heard music, saw art, smelled flowers, sat in front of the ocean sound, and shared (literally) buckets of candy with everyone. Mom laughed, watched her favorite shows, and even until the last few days wanted to know about the election results. She lived until she died.

I will be heading back to New Hampshire soon, but this time, instead of saying “Goodbye Mom, see you next week” and leaving her here, I get to bring her back with me in my heart.

We all do.

I wish you all peace and love. Go out and enjoy this fine day we’ve been given. Take care,




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16 responses to “The final update

  1. Bev Coelho

    As always, so nicely written. Again, so sorry for your loss.😇😢

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  2. Donna Castor


    Thank you for your beautiful message! Peace and love to you and all who loved your mom!

    Donna Castor

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  3. Karen Williams

    I’m sure it wasn’t easy to open yourself up to us through this journey… it is a privilege to be allowed a window into your travels. I hope I travel half as well when it is my turn…

    Karen Williams

  4. Margaret-Elaine Jinno

    Thank you for the update. You will always have her in your heart forever, just as you were in her heart.
    I have a chicken question also . . .
    One was dead on the floor the other morning. looked like she just fell off the perch (was blood coming from rear end then.) I ordered 6 new chicks for next week. My question is about how to cull the flock? I have 8 out of 12 left. The 4 Easter Eggers are all gone. How does one tell if the chicken is a layer or not? I paid extra and bought 12 hens 2 years ago. The RIRed rides the back of other hens. I have never had more that 1 blue egg and 4 brown on any given day. Something doesn’t sound right to me. If you look at their backside can one tell if they have ever laid an egg? Would it show if they were producing eggs?
    Thank you for any information.

  5. Susan

    So glad you got to spend time with your mom and were with her the day she passed-that is such precious time together. Peace to you and your family.

  6. Your mom was well blessed to have you by her side, Wendy. Much love to you and your family.

  7. Robbi Orr

    Our prayers go with you and your family. I have so much admiration for you. You loved her so much and you were there for her till the very end. I know she must have loved you and appreciated you so much.




  8. My condolences to you and your family, Wendy. I’m reading this on the 5th anniversary of my own mother’s passing, and it brings back so many memories. Thank you for sharing.

  9. My sincere sympathy for the loss of your Mom. Thank you for sharing your experience with hospice care. God bless all of those wonderful caregivers and friends who could be there for you, your Mom and your family. I hope others will take to heart her live till you die philosophy.

  10. Stephanie Tilton

    I can picture your Mom through your words and it’s clear she had an amazing spirit. What a wonderful gift to you and to her that her final days were so rich and full of love, laughter and companionship. As you know, I know all too well the pain of losing your mother — but take inspiration from your thoughts of forever carrying her in your heart.


  11. Ane Street

    Wendy, My condolences. Your Mom’s passing won’t really seem real for several months. My Dad passed away in hospice back in August. All the best for you and your family. Hug a kid. Ane Street in Vancouver, BC

  12. What a wonderful way to remember your mum, Wendy. Condolences on your loss of her physical presence, but I know she will be in your heart forever.

  13. Angela Liptack

    Wendy, hello. Just saw your update on Facebook. It sounds as though you and your mom had a wonderful last several months–something to treasure always.

  14. You have such a sincere way with words even at this difficult time. Sorry about losing your Mom. She sounds like a great one. Peace.

  15. Elaine

    beautiful words from the heart

  16. Tender and brave… you mother’s smile is wonderful! So glad she moved on happily in the end. Love would make it so.

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