Well hello “Dolly”

We have a new member of the family (and a new participant in the ever popular internet game of “Find the Puppy.”)


Find the puppy

This is my mother’s dog that has come to live with our family (along with Pippin and chickens) in New Hampshire. Her name is Dolly and she’s a Tibetan spaniel (yeah, I had never heard about the breed either.)

Tibetan spaniels are hair dogs (non-allergic) and they were raised in Tibet to work as watch dogs and to sleep by the monks acting as a sort of living hot water bottle. (It’s kind of like sleeping next to a baby bear.) They latch onto a single family member and guard that member non-stop (just take a guess who she has chosen in our family 🙂 .) Dolly is a well-mannered little pup and she’s as smart as a whip. Although she is supposed to be a watch dog, I have never heard her bark once (which is actually okay with me.)


We knew that this day would be coming. As one of the closest in the family who already has a dog-friendly house, it made sense that Dolly would come to live with us. There was some concern about how she would get along with Pippin, but honestly a few butt sniffs and they were both new-found best friends.

The only fly in the ointment is that I would never choose to have a dog named “Dolly” (my parents lived down south for a bit, can you tell?) and I had always said that if this dog came to live with us that I’d change her name. Think about it – we have cool dog names like Pippin and Nessa Rose – “Dolly” just wouldn’t have fit in.

Normally, it’s not advised to change the name of an 8 year old dog, but you know me. If I have my mind set on something I’m going to do it. So I have officially changed our new dog’s name, and in honor of her Tibetan heritage instead of calling her “Dolly” she is now named “Dalai” (as in the Dalai Puppy.)

It makes us all happy.




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3 responses to “Well hello “Dolly”

  1. kathleenferrari

    So this dog is a relative of my Arleigh who is a Tibetan Terrier. The spaniel, terrier and mastiff all work as a team. Each with a task. The two little ones are the noise makers and the mastiff is the enforcer who swings into action when the little guys say, “Kill it.” Arleigh is the smartest dog I have ever owned. A wonderful little being to have around. I am sure you will grow very fond of your Tibetan and Dali is a the perfect name. She will just think you talk funny.

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