I’ll be back



I am at Connecticut Hospice with my mother. It’s a long and bumpy road for all.

I never know what I’ll see each day, but whatever it is – it is. In the Buddhist philosophy of being grateful for the now, I had an orange for breakfast and it was delicious.



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6 responses to “I’ll be back

  1. Margaret-Elaine Jinno

    Best wishes for a cheerful day for you. Been there and done that with many special people. Happy Saint Patricks Day.

  2. Donna Castor

    Wishing you peace and love in this most difficult journey. I have been there several times And would never have wanted to be anywhere else…

    Many hugs,


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  3. My thoughts to you in this troubling time. I went through this last fall with my father. I am glad you can be by your mother’s side. Bear up and join us when you are in need of comfort or just a world to recognize your loss.

  4. kennarog

    Thinking of you. Just know that we are here with lots of love and hugs when you need us.

  5. dianemackinnon

    My thoughts are with you, your mom, and all your family.

  6. Kristin Rounds

    Oh, Wendy, I’m so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you…

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