Primary weekend in New Hampshire – this is what it’s like

Tomorrow is Primary Day! in New Hampshire and so (naturally) we spent the weekend attending as many political events as we could.

Friday was called a snow day due to the storm that came in overnight, but that didn’t stop us from catching this candidate at her Nashua office. (She sure brought some impressive women along to stump with her.)


Later that day we saw Rachel Maddow broadcasting live.


She met the girls and took a Presidential Selfie Girls photo.

maddow prez

And when she learned I was their mom, she signed her book like this:


We even ran across Jim Gilmore who is technically still a Presidential Candidate. (Gilmore’s in the HOUUUUSE!)

On Saturday the girls got to take a photo with Vermin Supreme (again). He’s a NH performance artist who comes out for every primary. (Equal opportunity candidate, he switches parties each year.)


Marc and I took a short break from the campaign trail to watch a show in Boston. (It was FANTASTIC – last time I had seen it was in 1972.)

pippin show

Yesterday we started the day off by seeing Marco Rubio (again.) (“Sure I repeated that line in the debate and I’ll repeat it again and again because it’s the truth”)


Then we hightailed it to catch the very end of a Ben Carson diner visit. I think he spoke there, but I’m not sure.


After that we saw John Kasich (again) at a town hall event where they placed us (two of my kids and me) directly behind Kasich.


Then we went to see a Carly event. Where I got to go up to her and tell her that I *did* think that she should have been allowed to be in the debate.

“So that means you’re going to vote for me?”

“ummmm, *crickets*” ( I’ve said it before, we are an H.P. family – ain’t no way… but I’ve got to give her credit for asking)

After that we went up to the hotel where all the news agencies are broadcasting from. A little star sighting with MSNBC’s Mornign Joe  – Joe Scarborough.


Then we went home, watched the Superbowl and crashed.

Today Marc works and I have classes to teach, but you can bet that if the snow holds off, we’ll be attending an event somewhere this evening. (Right now we’re considering the Trump event.) Why not? Come Wednesday morning, all the candidates are going to pack up their bags and bug out and for the rest of the winter you’ll only be hearing about New Hampshire when we get our famous blizzards.


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