I simply must attend – primary week in New Hampshire

I know I haven’t written all week, BUT it’s primary week in New Hampshire. Between that and teaching my college classes, I’ve been a little busy. So what’s the big deal with primary week you might ask?

It’s when all hell breaks loose on the campaign trail and we, New Hampshire residents, are treated to a non-stop carnival (and if you live for politics like I do, you enjoy every minute of this.) Here is just a sampling of what’s gone on in the last week.

I went to a town hall event with John Kasich. I like this guy. Not going to vote for him but wouldn’t be *that* unhappy if he won. I was able to tell him about the time he specifically addressed my daughters and told them “don’t do drugs.” It made a lasting impression.



Drove 30 minutes north and met this amazing woman: Gloria Steinem. Who (surprisingly) gave me great parenting advice.

I told her that I had two young daughters and I taught at a college where there were young women and I was dismayed because many of these women (my daughters included) seem to take the progress women have made for granted. They aren’t involved in politics. They don’t realize the threats that some of these politicians are making. These women haven’t seen the struggles and they haven’t seen the repression that their mothers have had to fight through. I told Gloria that it made me very sad for them because they could easily lose what they take for granted with something as simple as a vote.

Gloria looked at me. “Don’t worry,” she said. “They will get angry about their own issues in their own time.”

And that there is some of the finest parenting advice I’ve ever received. Leave them alone, sure go ahead and guide them, but these young women will find their own way. I sure did when I was younger. My fight (and anger) with these young women is done. They will rise up when the time is right. We all have the same goal, it’s now being passed on to a new generation who will most certainly step up when the need is great.


When the Steinem event was over, I walked up the street to see this amazing guy; Ted Danson (although everyone already knew his name) who talked about the environment and conservation. He gave me huge encouragement to keep fighting the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline. (In fact, that’s our button he’s modeling in this photo.)


Because it’s primary week, the entire state is FLOODED with reporters and news people.

The girls met MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.


And they met MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.


In fact, we got to sit at a table behind Chris Hayes and watch his live show.

all in with Chris

And we even saw this guy – Vermin Supreme. He’s a performance artist that comes out (and runs on the ballot) for every primary (each year he switches his party – I think he’s a Democrat this year. ) His platform is good oral hygiene and everyone gets a pony. You either love him or you don’t. Marc loves him. A little offbeat but he’s one of the reasons why primary week is so completely fantastic.



Oh and finally, I bumped into this guy. Can’t exactly remember the name, but I know I know that face. 🙂 (and yes, the focus is on the right person.)


And we still have until Tuesday to go! So you see, even though I haven’t been writing, I’ve been busy. I’ll be back next week to take up where I left off, but for now, you’ll have to excuse me, because no doubt there’s an event somewhere that I simply must attend.

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