Lesson 1353 – Today’s Big Takeaway

This weekend I had what I thought was a small pebble in my slipper. I’m one of those people that occasionally walk outside in my slippers so I wasn’t too concerned. I tried shaking the pebble out and it was still there after I put my slipper back on. I tried brushing the bottom of my sock thinking it had been caught in its fibers, but after I put my sock on I could still feel the pebble when I walked

It must be on the inside of my sock (not that unusual, I’ve had it happen before) I took my slipper off and turned my sock inside out. There was a tiny hole in the foot area *exactly* where I felt the pebble in my slipper. Darn, those are my good Columbia wool socks.


That’s one heck of a pebble.

I shook my sock and then put it back on. I could still feel the pebble in my slipper. Thinking it was now the hole in my sock that I was feeling, I put on a new pair of socks. That should fix everything.

Except that I could *still* feel the damn pebble.

Starting to get a little annoyed, I took my slipper off and examined its interior. When I rubbed my fingers along its length, I could definitely feel something. I turned the slipper over to look at its sole and sure enough, I found that I had stepped on something that was causing a bump in the insole.

In looking at it closer, I discovered that it was a shard of glass large enough to penetrate the sole and poke through the insole. Yup, it wasn’t a pebble I was walking on – it was the pointed end of a piece of glass.

I wish I could turn this story into some kind of a life lesson like – take care of small problems before they become big ones.

But you know what? Here’s the takeaway – If you’re dumb enough to not realize you are walking around on a PIECE OF GLASS then you pretty much deserve everything you get.


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  1. M-E Jinno

    I don’t agree with this one. You are very fortunate that the glass tip of the shard did not break off and travel through your system and lodge in a more dangerous place. It has been known to happen. Please look out for glass shards and pick them up and dispose of them. You do not deserve to have anything awful happen to you. Is your foot raw on the bottom? Please tae time to take car of yourself😇☺

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