Lesson 1333 – The creation of gems



Every child is like lava, it’s a pain to deal with in the beginning.

But is can cool into Feldspar (the most common mineral) or a gem.


I know which son wrote this, but I don’t know when. Obviously it is from many years ago.

I’m showing you this now, because even as a young child, my son “got” what we were trying to teach him.

Kids are work. They are a ton of work. But if you put the hard work in (even though it may be, and oftentimes is, painful) and if you stick with it and don’t give up, chances are you’ll unlock that child’s potential and you’ll end up getting the payoff of having created a gem – a shining example of a person with a true compass.

Never more so than in this case can one say “out of the mouth of babes.”



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