Lesson 1318 – Tips for participating in a Night Color run



This past weekend, I, along with a few of my friends, participated in a Night Color run. It’s a 5K un-timed run or, as was in my case, walk that’s held at night with the use of black lights and glow in the dark items. Lots of energy, lots of fun, it’s a definite must-do on your bucket list and something you should try if it ever comes to your neck of the woods. If you do decide to try one, here are some tips gleaned from my experience :

Don’t buy a used pair of running shoes from Goodwill the day before because you don’t want your own shoes to get ruined with the color powders. Wearing a new pair of shoes (and used at that) for a 5k was a pretty dumb thing to do. Just use your own shoes, the color will eventually wear away.

Race volunteers throw colored powder at you at various intervals. I had heard it was colored cornstarch which is biodegradable. Even so it gets into your lungs. If you have any asthmatic issues, bring your inhaler and use it before the race (even if you aren’t wheezing.). I used a bandanna when I was going through the color tunnels, but I’m not sure how helpful that was. I coughed for 2 days after the race and a few of us complained that our lungs “hurt.”

Because of that powder (which gets *everywhere*) bring a towel or sheet to cover your car seat with for the ride home. There are people at the end of the race with leaf blowers who will help you remove the extra powder, but even so, you’ll find in places you never knew you had.

Most of the race was on pavement, but some of it was on a dirt road. You are given a headlamp as part of your running gear, when you are on the dirt road, adjust the lamp so that it shines downward in front of you instead of straight ahead.

If you need water, bring a small bottle. At the race I attended, they only had one water stop, with all those hills, I could have used some more.

If you are carrying any electronics, protect them by putting them into a ziplock bag (same goes for that inhaler if you brought one.) Trust me, you’ll be grateful when your phone is not covered in powder.

Again, it’s un-timed. Be as competitive as you want or simply enjoy the atmosphere. Walking at night is very difficult for me (multiple knee surgeries and I used visual clues for where to place my foot.) I walked quickly but I was always in control. I wasn’t the first to cross the finish line, but I also wasn’t the last. I’m okay with that.

Enjoy the atmosphere. When is the last time you were outside with thousands of other people who were all glowing in the dark?

Lastly go with some friends, have fun, wear an awesome outfit, and display that winner’s medal at every opportunity you get.





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  1. What a wonderful experience and beautifully described too.

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