Lesson 1310 – The heartbeat of home

Sent chick #4 off to college today. It leaves the girls in high school and two of the boys, one of which is working full time, the other attending college while living at home. Those two gone, but not gone.

You’d think I’d be used to this, but I find that my equilibrium is off. Where is everyone and where do they need to be, I ask myself as I count the bodies that are supposed to be in the house and find myself coming up short.

Where are Logan and Trevor – still sleeping?

Oh, they’re gone.

I put out the ingredients out for a vegetable tomato sauce that will be served on pasta for dinner. One eggplant or two?

Oh they’re gone. I have to remind myself again and again. So many are gone.

It’s not so much that want them back, for I know they are where they belong, doing what they need to do.

It’s just that the heartbeat of the house just seems a little dulled these days – a little less vibrant.

Waiting until all are united again to burst out in that strong rhythm which so uniquely defines our family’s home.


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