Lesson 1294 – Updates on the flock and some gorgeous flowers

I know that I’ve been a little absent from this blog lately, but man have we been busy!

A few updates on the flock:

Lately, we’ve been hit with some very hot days here in New Hampshire. I’m not worried about the flock; chickens know how to cool themselves down. They’ll take dirt baths and naps in the shade. It’s a lazy life of staying cool.

Nope, not dead, just cooling off.

Nope, not dead, just cooling off.

I know some people who give their chickens fruit infused ice water and while this is a lovely thought (heck, *I’d* like to drink that!) when it’s hot, even when it’s scorching hot, all you really need to do is make sure your flock has constant access to plain old water. Chickens like kids, will drink when they are thirsty and won’t when they’re not.

Our chickens free range during the day so I don’t have to worry about circulation. If you keep your chickens in the coop during the hot days, just make sure that they have some kind of ventilation. A screened window, a fenced-in yard, and even a screened gap near the roof all work.

Pippin (our dog who is as much a member of the flock as the chickens are) recently had a tooth abscess that sent him (and me) to the vets at 4 am early last week. After a few days of antibiotics, he went in for oral surgery and this itty-bitty dog ended up getting 12 teeth pulled. (I know, YIKES!)

After he came home, we were tempted to change his name to Gumby but Pippin it remains. (Although we can’t help but laugh at how he keeps trying to find his missing teeth by feeling around his mouth with his tongue.)

After a few days of misery, my good boy Pippin has returned to being his old self. My writing buddy is back where he belongs in his (it used to be mine) comfy chair right near my desk. Writing is always easier with a dog by your side.


And then this past week, we ate at a restaurant that had vases with beautiful flowers on each table. Here’s the one that was on our table. Enjoy.


And lastly, I realized *after* the fact that I had missed the perfect title for this post – it should have been “Brambled Eggs.” Of course it should have been! Oh well, next time.



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