Lesson 1291 – #Presidentialselfiegirls

This Presidential Selfie thing is going crazy. Today the girls are going to be interviewed by CNN, ABC, and NH1.

As someone on my Facebook page mentioned this is simply good, clean fun. The girls are being respectful to the candidates and they get to listen to what each of the candidates say. That’s an important responsibility for anyone who is going to place a vote for our next President. (Addy can’t vote in the primary but she will be able to vote in the general election.)


Besides, in each of the photos both the candidates and my daughters just have the biggest smiles.

This has turned out to be a fantastic summer project.

As a result, this “handler” is a little busy – no chicken stories today (unless you want to know the story about a mama hen who is incredibly proud of her little chicks.)




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4 responses to “Lesson 1291 – #Presidentialselfiegirls

  1. Oh, wow, I saw that somewhere and didn’t realize it was your girls!

  2. And I just saw them on Yahoo! While many of the comments were just plain stupid, I did have to laugh at how they obviously have wealthy parents who can take them everywhere and they don’t have to work…

    • Wendy Thomas

      HA!! That is very funny. I invite everyone to see our house that needs paint, Our dishwasher that’s been disconnected, and a car that’s on its last legs. With 3 kids in college this year, trust me – no one from this house is going on a European vacation.

      But that’s the thing. You don’t need a lot of money to do this in New Hampshire. You have to have the desire and you have to pay attention.

      We may not have a lot of money but we have kids who have been raised on one life experience after another, and if you ask me, that’s priceless.

      On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 5:48 PM, Lessons Learned from the Flock wrote:


      • Exactly! And I love that they don’t just run up and snap a selfie, they listen to the speeches and talk about them – how many complainers have listened to a single one? (Confession – I haven’t! I’m waiting until the field gets whittled down a bit!) I hope the girls don’t let comments by ignorant people get to them – just consider it part of the learning experience:)

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