Lesson 1287 – But why chickens?



There’s been a lot of buzz about Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders who is currently running for President as a Democrat (even though he’s really an Independent – rules are rules.) Because we live in New Hampshire, he’s been busy canvassing our state and making political stops. I have yet to see Bernie (oh I will) but the initial feedback is that he constantly points out the emperor has no clothes, and that message seems to be resonating with folks.

Here’s a little about Bernie from his website:

The American people must make a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all? Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class, or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy? These are the most important questions of our time, and how we answer them will determine the future of our country.

I personally have to give credit to *anyone* who knows how to use the word “oligarchy” properly in a sentence.

FYI – Oligarchy is a government ruled by a few elitists. Similar to how a monarchy is ruled by one like a king or queen.

Bernie certainly raises some interesting points. He’s a new, fresh voice and he is raising valid points for discussion from all candidates. (And I have to admit, the young hippie in me adores that blue bus.)

Due to the fact that New Hampshire holds the first in the nation presidential primary, we get a lot of politicians in our local parades.

It’s crazy, you’re sitting there on the side of the road and Jeb! Bush comes along and shakes your hand.

Or Rick Perry walks by and ignores your (daughter’s) high five.

In the end, it’s all good.

Although Bernie wasn’t there, someone drove a blue bus for him in the political part of the parade. Side door was open and you could see two white bantams in a crate (with plenty of water and food – I checked), decorated with Fourth of July finery enjoying the sights.


At a pause in the parade, I asked the driver if the chickens were his and he said yes, but I couldn’t ask “why chickens?” because the parade had begun to move forward.

I intend to see and listen to Bernie (just as I try to see and listen to all candidates on both sides.) I truly want to hear what he has to say.

But I also want to ask his team and get the answer to “Why chickens?”


Please note that political photos do not imply endorsement.


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2 responses to “Lesson 1287 – But why chickens?

  1. Sanders sounds like the only voice of reason – this is from an Aussie who is awfully concerned about our own incipient oligarchy.

  2. Huge Bernie fan from Virginia here. I started a group that got the Chesapeake City Council to legalize up to six backyard hens on all single-family residential lots. Now I’m using the grassroots-organizing skills I developed to help South Hampton Roads #FeelTheBern. Our chicken group is “4 Chesapeake Hens” and the Bernie group is “South Hampton Roads for Bernie,” both on Facebook. I was THRILLED to see your post. Chickens and Bernie in one. I’m in heaven!

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