Lesson 1286 – Gotta catch them all

The state sport in New Hampshire recognized by all is our Presidential primary.

Since our kids were little, we’ve been dragging them to political events on both sides so that they could hear what each of the candidates had to say. (One of their all-time favorites was a chili dinner sponsored by John Kerry.)

Many of our evening dinner conversations have covered what we’ve thought about what we’ve heard at each of these events. Trust me when I say that sometimes our discussions can get very lively.

Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie (2016 Presidential Candidate) came to an event at a restaurant the next town over. Marc and I grabbed the girls (everyone else was working) and we hurried on over.

I was a little surprised at the turnout, if you didn’t count the campaign staff and those who were sitting at tables having dinners, you’d be hard pressed to say that there were more than 2 dozen people there. Where is everyone, I wondered.

As it turned out, Christie was there for an endorsement and not a speech (I was disappointed, I had wanted to hear what he had to say) so he just made a quick round of the restaurant, gave a 2 minute announcement and then went outside to talk to what press had showed up.

Here’s the thing though. In New Hampshire, (at least initially in the primary) we can get very close to these guys. It’s just not that unusual to see someone who is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES walking down one of our streets shaking hands with everyone.

Here is a photo of my little chick Emma taking a selfie with Gov. Christie.

taking christie selfie

And here is her photo.

christie selfie

See what I mean? Now here is my photo of Christie. I know he’s giving me the stink-eye but I swear I only put my finger up to show you how close I was. I was not giving the “Wag of Shame” to anyone.


The Fourth of July bring tons of parades and that means many of the candidates will be out and about. You’d better believe that we’ll be ready with charged cameras to photograph as many of the politicians that we can.

Because after all, like it is in the Pokemon game, it only counts if you catch them all.

Please note that political photos do not imply endorsement.


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