Lesson 1253 – It’s MORE baby chick(s)!!!!

Darling New Hampshire Red

Darling New Hampshire Red

They’re here, they’re here!

Our spring chicks have *finally* arrived! (I was having such chick envy every time I saw everyone else’s photos on Facebook.)

Last year we got 12 chicks and we only lost one, however, due to age (some members of our flock on coming up on 7 years), our neighborhood hawks, and a tough winter which took its toll, I found that our flock which normally hovers around 30 needed a little pick-me up.

I ordered 4 female chicks this time – 2 New Hampshire Reds (of course) and 2 Colombian Rock Cross. I ordered New Hampshire Reds again, not only due to state solidarity (Live Free or Die), but also because of all the chicks we got last year, the Reds were the sweetest and most docile of the bunch. Good behavior gets rewarded around here.

I got the Colombian Rock Crosses because, well, we’ve never had them before and if you know me, I’m always up for a challenge. Bring on those little fluff balls.

Now we have chicks *on* our house (in the Christmas wreath on the porch) and we have chicks *in* our house (housed in a Tupperware storage box.) You can’t be in our home and not smile these days.

My kids have been raised around the constant presence of baby chicks, mature birds, dogs, gerbils, rabbits, hermit crabs, and even a few cats along the way. They know that if an animal is hurt, you try to help it. If an animal is thirsty or hungry, you provide water and food. They know to save a bit of their dinner to share each night with the dog. And they know to use the back door so that a mama bird nesting on the front porch won’t be disturbed.

It’s been an incredible adventure. Being surrounded by animals and birds has provided many of my kids’ favorite childhood memories – the highs of holding squirming babies and the lows when valued family members pass on. It’s a journey to be respected and honored. Valuable life lessons for all.

Exactly what I had hoped would happen.


This weekend, I have time and will be taking lots and lots of baby photos – just giving you fair warning.




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