Lesson 1248 – Snow bank mining – sure sign of spring

Although we still have a few patches of snow here and there, spring has finally come to New Hampshire. How do we know for sure?

Robins have come back in full force.


We’re starting to see these in our yards.


And there’s free money being found in the parking lots- perhaps the truest sign of spring.

I’m in a fitbit challenge with my son where I am challenged to meet my personal goal of 10,000 steps every day. Not such a tough challenge but when you have a job where you need to sit in a chair all day to write, it can be difficult getting those steps in.

Last night, I needed a few thousand more steps to close out the day so Emma and I headed over to Walmart to do some walking.

During our very snowy winter, every time I’d see a plowed snow pile, I’d mention to the kids that there was probably a lot of money in those things. Think about it, people drop change and then it gets plowed into one area. Come the spring, I’ve always believed that there was gold in them hills. It just made sense.

My kids never believed me and always gave me a “sure mom, whatever you say” look.

Last night in order to get my steps in and to see if my theory about plowed money was right, Emma and I headed over to each plowed area (identifiable by the pile of sand and debris left over from them melting) in the Walmart parking lot.

We wandered the sand pits and each time we found a coin, we whooped it up (hoping that no one was watching this crazy pair of ladies.)

I’m happy to say that as of right now, our family is 55₵ richer as a result of snow bank mining.


Someone please put another point on the scoreboard for mom.



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3 responses to “Lesson 1248 – Snow bank mining – sure sign of spring

  1. Good job on figuring how to get the needed steps in AND earning 55 cents at the same time! Yea mom! We always had our kids looking for change in the parking lots and the melted plowed snow piles too. They are all grown with their own children who are looking too.

  2. cinnamon chaisson

    my stepdad used to tell us that spring was a great time to ‘mine for money’ as people had holes in the pants they wore all winter. as Canada has abolished the penny they are virtually useless but still i pick them up…

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