Lesson 1244 – Home again, home again

After spending 4 days in D.C., I got back home to (slightly) cooler New Hampshire late last night. It was good, we were all done with long days filled with miles and miles of walking and hours and hours of waiting in line. Thursday and Friday weren’t too bad, but come the weekend, with the beginning of the Cherry Festival – look out. I read that an estimated 100,000 visitors were about. I’m all about the history in D.C., but I’m not so keen on crowds.

Give this girl some space.

Here are some of the sites we saw:

The first night we went to the Kramer bookstore at Dupont Circle. Of course, we (I) stopped at a bookstore -I bought 3 books. Going there was also a way to get my travelers used to being on the Metro (which sure came in handy later when one “accidentally” took the wrong train.)

IMG_20150409_201457164_HDRWe went to the Museum of Natural History.


And the museum of American History. This is Archie Bunker’s chair (yes, and most of the young people in my group asked “Who’s he?” – sigh)


We saw the Cherry Blossom parade. Note of warning, if you want to see a parade in Washington you have to get there at least an hour in advance. The parade was 1 1/2 hours long – that’s a long time standing on your feet.  I was envious of the little kids who were able to watch everything from strollers.


We saw Old Glory everywhere.


I waited an hour in line to see this little guy (the pose made it worthwhile.)


And on one memorable morning, we went to Arlington Cemetery. You can’t be anything but humble (and heartbroken) in the presence of so many brave men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedom.


We saw many, many more things,  (I kept posting photos on my Facebook page, if you want to see them go over there.) Lastly though, we were ultimately there for the cherry blossoms and yes, they were there in full force.


And they were as beautiful as everyone says they are.


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