Lesson 1237 – Being with the family

I’ve returned from a weekend in Connecticut with family members and friends who paid their last respects for my father.

It was bittersweet, so good to see my family and yet it was clear that a member of the flock was gone. He’s gone.

This growing up thing is not always that easy.

When we first arrived at the hotel, this was waiting for us, a gift from a thoughtful niece (who has some of the most adorable kids around.) Flowers always bring a smile, regardless of the occasion. Many thanks, Lindsey.


At the memorial service, my dad was buried with full military honors – beautiful and touching. If you want to ever see me be reduced to slobbery tears, just have someone play taps – the ultimate last gesture for a soldier.

This weekend, we all cleaned house – we saved favorite shirts and sweaters that will be passed on to others – we ate – we drank – we told stories.

And told stories, and told stories.



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4 responses to “Lesson 1237 – Being with the family

  1. I just lost my Dad on March 10th…he had his 89th B’day on March 1st.
    We celebrated his marvelous life, and told TONS of stories between all of us “kids”. Keep those memories alive!

  2. Linda Lee Bickford

    I’ve been thinking of you Wendy. No growing up isn’t easy sometimes no matter how old you are. Good memories will give you comfort. XOX

  3. We five siblings cleared the house and told stories too when Dad died almost two years ago, six days short of his 93rd birthday.
    Keep telling the stories – and write them down!

  4. Marcia

    The sound of taps being played……no matter who they are for, always brings tears to my eyes, too. I love that you are close to your family and that you shared all those stories and memories with them. Isn’t it odd that those of us over 50 all seem to have a similar black and white family photo where the living room resembles everyone else’s from that period? Love and hugs to you – Marcia

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