Lesson 1228 – Here comes the spring

2014-09-21 11.28.11

It’s not often that I don’t put up my daily posts, but these days I find myself so busy that I’m lucky if I can get to sleep with all of those “to-do” items still swirling around in my head.

I don’t like it when I miss a post, I feel like I’ve let an old friend down.

For those who are following my yoga challenge, this week the challenge is to do 1 hour of yoga a day with two 20 minute meditation sessions.

Next week is 75 minutes of yoga and two 25 minute sessions, and the last week is 90 minutes of daily yoga with two 30 minute meditation sessions. Yikes.

I clearly did not know what I was signing up for, HOWEVER, with the weather changing (we’ve had days that are warm enough to go outside wearing only a sweater) and the light coming back (as much as Daylight Savings disrupts schedules, I have to admit, I like the sun in the morning) I find myself feeling, well just a bit lighter – not necessarily weight-wise but certainly spirit and attitude-wise.

Also, my Lyme doc put me on a medical cleanse for 10 days. Basically it was a restricted diet (no grains, no alcohol, no sugar) along with mega-doses of a packed vitamin-mineral- supplement drink. One of the reasons he suggested the cleanse was that it dove-tailed nicely with the yoga program.

What I have discovered is that after 10 days of eliminating “the big 3” and working to balance my body’s vitamin status (you can’t stay on this for too long because you are essentially saturating your body with vitamins – how do I know, let’s just say that your pee turns neon yellow) I have found that my systemic body aches (attributed to Lyme disease and inflammation) have gone away.

Seriously, my aches have disappeared, to the point that I question if they were there in the first place.

I’ve tried staying on “clean” diets before, but I’ve always “cheated” – a taste here, a bite there. It’s not easy to stay on a clean diet when you have to cook for the rest of the family. My cleanse ended earlier this week and since then I have not been tempted to go back to the big 3. Not even a bite – there’s just no desire. The trick will now be to maintain it.

But if it means I won’t have that all-over body pain, I’d say that the incentive is there to continue in maintenance mode – indefinitely.

Next week is spring break for the college and I hope to use the time to catch up on a few projects that have been put on hold in the last few weeks. I’m going to stay in bed a little longer, go for some walks outside, and of course do my yoga.

I will also be posting on this blog each day (yay!), because it’s one of the things that I love to do.

Have a fantastic weekend guys, we have snow in our forecast for Sunday, but with our recent weather, it won’t be sticking around for long.



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  1. All the best with your maintenance regime, Wendy. Hubby & I have been on a 5:2 fasting regime for six months or more now and we have all but eliminated bread from our diet. We also have very little sugar. And that is due to the 2 days a week we fast (500-600 calories max) which has also reduced the volume of food we eat on non-fasting days. Habit helps!

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