Lesson 1209 – Doing the best I can

Note: if you are looking for The Food Babe Way book review, you can find it here.


This is our front porch and there’s more snow (possible blizzard conditions) in the forecast for this Thursday/Friday and Sunday.

Yesterday was *another* snow day for the kids. I decided to pull out that herb infuser I had received as a gift and made a double batch of this awesome Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup.


When I posted this photo on my Facebook page, several people accused me of putting a Croc shoe in my soup. Ha, ha, very funny, but nope, it was a nifty little device that kept those razor sharp bay leaves and rosemary twigs out of my mouth. It worked well and cleaned up quickly (and definitely added to the conversation at the dinner table.)

Not a drop of the soup was left at the end of the meal – even the child who initially only took a small bowlful (“because I don’t like creamy soup”) went back for a second bowl.

If you decide to make it for yourself, (and you should, although it takes a while to cook – 4 hours on high in a crock pot – the directions are easy) it is *imperative* you include a loaf of crusty bread with lots of creamy butter. “nuff said on that topic.

Although the college where I teach called a snow day, my kids ended up only having a 2 hour snow delay. They are all currently at school (for now anyway.)

Tonight’s dinner is roasted turkey breast with pomegranate, roasted potatoes, and stuffing, because if you’re going to be snowed in, you might as well do the best you can with what you have.


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One response to “Lesson 1209 – Doing the best I can

  1. Marcia

    thank you for this recipe. It was -5 this morning and this is perfect for our crazy cold weather days. I think I may just add some dumplings on top. I can’t get used to seeing that orange, Croc-looking thing in your recipes, ha! Love all your posts. Stay warm!

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